Public Affairs Office

Submission Guidelines

You’re finally done planning your event. Now how to do you tell the Stuttgart military community about it?

Units, agencies and organizations within the Stuttgart military community are authorized to request publicity through the garrison public affairs office. Events must be available to all community members without regard to race, religion, sex, national origin, marital status, physical handicap, political affiliation or any other non-merit factor.

Private organizations approved to operate on the installation and in good standing may have meetings announced and other material considered for use. Fundraisers cannot be publicized.

How can I publicize my event/activity?

To submit an event or activity for publicity consideration in any U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart medium (newspaper, online newspaper, marquee, social media) you must first submit your event to the On-Post and Off-Post Events Calendar by following the calendar submission instructions below.

What if I have an announcement that is not date specific?

If you have a general announcement that is not tied to an event, send the details (who, what, when, where and why) to our group email box

The text must be directly in the body of the email or in a word document. PDF, PowerPoint and JPG flyers will not be accepted. The formatting is outlined in this instructional document; How to write a news brief.

Can the Citizen cover my event?

The Command Information chief or editor assigns stories that warrant in-person coverage by newspaper staff based on the PAO and other guidance.

Many tenant organizations, including U.S. European Command, U.S. Africa Command, Marine Forces Europe and Africa, and Special Operations Command Europe, have their own Public Affairs Office personnel who may cover events that are hosted by, organized by, or primarily affect the members of their organization. If the event in question is organized by one of these tenant commands, or primarily concerns one of these commands, we recommend you contact their individual Public Affairs Offices first.

If the event in question does not concern one of those tenant organizations, or if you’ve contacted them and still need the assistance of USAG Stuttgart PAO regarding upcoming training, events or story ideas, contact the chief or editor at DSN: 431-3105, or by email to our group email box

Can I submit a story to The Citizen?

Yes. Staffing and time constraints prevent us from attending every function or event in person. As well, every function or event is not necessarily newsworthy. The Citizen welcomes articles and announcement submissions from outside unit public affairs representatives and volunteer writers.

The following guidelines apply:

Clearance: Articles submitted for publication should be cleared through the individual’s proper chain of command as well as with any individuals included or pictured within the story submission. Published Stuttgart Citizen articles are not provided to units, individuals and activities for review by subjects named in articles, unless security or technical reasons govern.

Story Length: Articles must comply with word count parameters. Articles must be between 400-600 words. All submitted content us subject to revision and edits.


Send timely articles to our group email box

We recommend that you also make yourself familiar with the editorial policy and any applicable deadlines.

Can I submit a photo to The Citizen?

Yes. On-the-job, action photos that “tell the story” are desired with article submissions or as standalone photos. See our photo guidelines.

How can I publicize my event on AFN?

Download AFN’s publicity request here.

Public Affairs

About Public Affairs

  • The USAG Stuttgart Public Affairs Office is located on Panzer Kaserne, and includes a command information section, a media relations section and a community relations section. The PAO serves as the USAG Stuttgart commander's voice to the community, providing relevant and timely information through a variety of channels, including the Stuttgart Citizen print newspaper and online publication, official Facebook page, and official website. Below you will find information on how to submit information to the USAG Stuttgart PAO for publication throughout the Stuttgart community and beyond. Also below, is our editorial policy which helps provide insight as to how we employ our outlets provide the relevant and timely information our audiences need.

Contact Public Affairs

  • Commercial Telephone:+49(0) 07031-15-1400/3105
  • Defense Switched Network (DSN):(314) 431-1400/3105
  • Hours of operation: Mon. - Fri. 8 a.m.–4:30 p.m., Closed U.S. federal holidays
  • Email questions or publicity requests

    Email links on this page will open a new, blank email in your default email program. Be sure to provide detailed information, including the best way for us to reply.

Editorial Policy

The Citizen is a bi-monthly civilian enterprise newspaper published under contract between a civilian publisher and U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart. The Citizen, and garrison social media channels are the commander’s communications tools to transmit command information to the Stuttgart military community; therefore, most articles fulfill this objective. Culture and leisure features are used to lend variety and encourage military families to enjoy the communities outside their installation. The following guidelines apply:

Decision Making

The commander defers all decisions on news priority, story placement, publication date, and use of photographs to the public affairs office.


News and feature articles placed in The Citizen and comply with established policies to promote the mission, vision and goals of U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart and the commands, directorates, and activities USAG Stuttgart supports.


The best article submissions from sources outside PAO cover success stories, newsworthy events, joint or significant training, human interest and community topics, from a unique and timely perspective.


The public affairs office strives to keep the community — service members, family members, civilian employees, contractors and retirees — accurately informed about military matters and quality of life issues affecting them, to improve the quality of their lives and the effectiveness of the installation’s workforce.

Commercial Sponsors

Per policy, The Citizen and will not glamorize the use of alcohol and tobacco products, nor gambling. Articles may not endorse products, services or sponsors.


In order to meet publisher’s deadline of Tuesday at noon of publication week, The Citizen staff has established print submission deadlines Citizen Deadlines 2015 and Citizen Deadlines 2016. Submissions reaching the staff after these deadlines may be considered for a future print issue, if applicable. Exceptions to this policy will be made only with the concurrence of the editor.


Agencies should request coverage in advance. The decision to cover any event is based on time constraints, logistics, significance, timeliness and command emphasis.

Story Placement

The editor will determine where stories will be placed in the print and online newspapers. The public affairs staff must be in tune with the commander's priorities to ensure that The Citizen, as a primary communication tool, enhances mission accomplishment.

Guarantee of Publication

The editor cannot guarantee any submitted article or photo will be published in The Citizen, as both the news space available and the amount of content submitted varies with each issue. One of the editor's principal tasks is to determine which articles will be included in the newspaper, based on available news, available copy space, design elements and the need to produce a balanced paper.

Rewriting, Editing and Cutting Stories

The editor reserves the right to edit, rewrite or cut stories. These decisions are made on the basis of news judgment, available space, the elimination of material deemed inconsequential or inappropriate to the story, and the need to meet Associated Press Stylebook criteria as required AR 360-1, Army and local style criteria.

Story Attribution

News story facts that can't be readily verified and all opinions must be attributed to a credible source. For example, an article written by John Smith of U.S. European Command states that an event is "the first to happen in EUCOM." Unless the author quotes the historical reference backing this claim, the claim will be removed or the author will be paraphrased (i.e. “Smith said this may be the first time this has ever happened in Europe,”) and his byline removed.


Photos normally accepted for publication include on-the-job action photos. IAW AR 360-1, photographic clichés of the grip-and-grin and check-presentation genre have little news value in PA operations. Photographs should show people doing their jobs or otherwise performing the activity that warrants newspaper coverage. We will not knowingly publish photos containing classified information, dress and personal appearance violations, safety violations or those which compromise force protection measures. Photos will not be altered. Photos will include a brief description of the action pictured, the date of the photo, the ranks, names and units of people featured in the photo and the rank and name of the photographer. Photos that accompany articles must be high resolution, 300 dpi.

Libel, Copyright

The editor will conform to applicable regulations and laws involving libel, copyright and trademark use, and U.S. Government printing and postal regulations.

Crediting Stories

Credit all material from non-local or external sources.

Editorials and Commentary

Locally written editorials and commentaries are encouraged but must be appropriate for a military newspaper and consistent with the command’s position. Short, concisely written pieces are preferred. Commentaries not tied to a particular time or event are more easily scheduled for publication.

Regulations and Official Policies

The Citizen is a newspaper, not a regulation. Agencies needing to communicate information about a new regulation or policy should write a brief article summarizing the effect of the regulation, rather than quoting extensively from the regulation itself.

Fund Drives

Coverage is limited to those campaigns authorized by Army regulations, namely the Combined Federal Campaign and the Army Emergency Relief Fund.

Private organizations

All private organizations approved to operate on the installation may have meetings announced and other material considered for use. No organization, including authorized veterans organizations, will receive preferential treatment. Events must be available to all readers without regard to race, religion, sex, national origin, marital status, physical handicap, political affiliation or any other non-merit factor. Significant fundraisers that benefit the entire Stuttgart military community may be covered.

Change of Command ceremonies

The Citizen staff will not cover change of command ceremonies for O5 and below. However, we will accept photo submissions from organizations for consideration. Change of responsibility coverage will be limited to combatant commands and the garrison. In most other situations, we can accommodate through the News section of the The Citizen.

Promotion, Retirement and Award ceremonies

The Citizen will not cover or print promotion or retirement articles, unless newsworthy (e.g., garrison employee retirees with 46 years of service). Award ceremonies will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Award Winners

Stories and/or photos for award winners should be limited to Europe-level or above awards.


The Citizen articles will be coordinated with affected agencies as deemed appropriate by editor. Once the story has been written, direct quotes will not be altered. If necessary, a quote can be rewritten as a paraphrase. Controversial or “sensitive” articles will be coordinated with the commander, and higher headquarters, when necessary, before publication.

Citizen Event Calendar Submissions

The Citizen on-post and off-post event calendar is for publicizing events and meetings of interest to the entire Stuttgart military community.

Units and organizations within the Stuttgart military community are authorized to input their events and activities. Events must be available to all readers without regard to race, religion, sex, national origin, marital status, physical handicap, political affiliation or any other non-merit factor.

Private organizations approved to operate on the installation may have meetings announced and other material considered for use. Fund raisers cannot be publicized.

The Command Information team reserves the right to edit all calendar submissions.

Directions to submit calendar events

Go to:

This particular calendar has several fields that you may not use. Follow these directions to save yourself time in entering your event.

To submit your event, complete the following fields:

  • Event Title:
    This is a mandatory field. Example: EFMP Soccer Clinic
  • Event Description:
    This is a mandatory field where you answer the following questions:

    • WHAT: What is your event?
    • WHO: Who is the event for?
    • WHEN: Does a person need to register beforehand? If so, what is the registration deadline?
    • WHAT: What else does the reader need to know?
    • WHERE: What is the specific location of the event? Be sure to include building number, room number and installation name.
    • WHO: Who should readers contact for questions? Please don't user personally identifying contact information, instead provide an organizational/generic telephone number and organizational/generic email address (operational security guidelines restrict the use of personal email addresses and telephone numbers)

    Here is an example from ACS:

    Health Trends is an evolutionary health, nutrition and wellness series for ALL I.D. cardholders. Better yet, it is free! Health Trends meets on the first Monday of every month (except May, June and July) in Army Community Service, Building 2915, Panzer Kaserne.

    Health Trends is brought to you by the USAG Stuttgart Exceptional Family Member Program and the Patch Health Clinic dietician. For additional information, please call ACS at DSN 431-3362 or Civ. 07031-15-3362 or visit

  • Event Category:
    This is a mandatory field. Check On Post … even if your event is a trip that goes off post.

  • Event Image:
    This is optional, but very valuable. You can attach an image or a flyer. You must use a jpg, png or gif, not a PDF. Do not use images that have a copyright. Before attaching, make sure your flyer is accurate and without misspellings.

  • Event Time & Date:
    This is a mandatory field. You need a start and end time. Be mindful of a.m. and p.m. Note: the “Recurrence” field is not functional; do not use it. (You can now skip down to the Event Cost section.)

  • Venue Details:
    If your event description contains a thorough write-up, skip these fields.
  • Organizer Details:
    If your event description contains a thorough write-up, skip these fields.
  • Event Website:
    This can be left blank, unless the event has a specific website which will give readers more detailed information.
  • Event Cost:
    Enter the dollar amount or leave blank, if free.

Check prior to submission:

Before submitting, double check to make sure your event description includes all the necessary information, including date, time and location of the event, who is organizing the event, how to register, a phone number and generic email for more information and website, if applicable, etc. Once submitted, you cannot go back to edit.

If all your information is good, then hit Submit.

After hitting Submit, your screen will indicate that the event has been submitted.

Once your event has been reviewed and approved by the PAO team, it will be published to the calendar.

Events will automatically be considered for inclusion in the Announcements section of the online Citizen and Community Announcements pages in the print editions, and USAG Stuttgart social media.