Central Processing Facility

The Central Processing Facility is a one-stop installation In and Out-Processing Center.


You will have two units taking care of you and your family while assigned to Stuttgart-your unit (or agency) and USAG Stuttgart. The Garrison is composed of all of the agencies that your family may use (Housing, Transportation, Vehicle Registration, VAT office, ACS, Passports, ID Cards, Postal, and several other agencies). During the two week in-processing you will attend briefings, a host nation tour, and in-process at a few of the agency office locations.

Pre-Arrival / Arrival - Sponsorship

Request “In-Processing” email (to request information/guidance, helpful welcome packet handouts and in-processing schedules)        


The better you plan the easier your departure will be.

  • 75-120 days prior to your departure date, attend a PCS/Out-Processing briefing.
  • 30-120 days email or drop off your completed out-processing questionnaire to the CPF office
  • 2 days prior to your departure date, Final out at the CPF office (your community clearance papers are turned in to CPF - the staff will finalize the clearance and return a copy)

Request “Out-Processing” email (to request information/guidance regarding clearing papers and schedule PCS/Out-Processing briefing)

Out-processing Brief | How to Out-process Stuttgart | Joint out-processing Questionaire

Central Processing Facility


  • Address: Bldg. 2913, 1st Floor, Panzer Kaserne
  • Commercial Telephone: +49(0) 7031-15-2599
  • Defense Switched Network (DSN): (314) 431-2599
  • Hours of operation: Mon.–Fri. 8 a.m.– 4:30 p.m., Closed Lunch 11:50 a.m. – 12:50 p.m.
    Closed U.S. federal holidays
  • E-Mail the CPF office : Send us your In/Out-Processing questionnaires or any questions you may have.


Relocation Assistance Program