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Unaccompanied Personnel Housing

The UPH Office is available to all service members in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard. U.S. government employees and contractors are not authorized to reside in UPH.

Command Policy Letter # 64 Single Service Member Housing

Army Policy - Domestic Animals on Army Installations

DOD Guidance on the Use of Service Dogs by Service Members

UPH In-Processing

Unaccompanied personnel sign-in at the UPH office, building 2913, room 220 (2nd floor, to the right), on Panzer Kaserne. UPH personnel will provide the housing brief that you need as an unaccompanied personnel. Bring a copy of orders and all amendments.

Unaccompanied Housing Locations

UPH is located at three bases in the Stuttgart area: Panzer Kaserne, Patch Barracks and Kelley Barracks.

Single Soldiers Housing consists of seven buildings; there are 510 barracks spaces at Patch Barracks, Kelly Barracks and Panzer Kaserne.

BOQ consists of three buildings; there are 85 quarters total at Robinson Barracks, Patch Barracks, Kelly Barracks and Panzer Kaserne.

Single Soldier, Senior Enlisted, and Bachelor Officer Quarters

  • Bedroom and authorized housing entitlements

    For E-7 and above, most senior enlisted quarters [SEQ] and bachelor officers quarters [BOQ] are small one bedroom, furnished apartments with kitchenettes or a common kitchen per floor.

    E-1-E-6 reside in the barracks with shared or private bedroom with either a shared bath or common latrine.

    Assignments are based on pay grade:
    • Grades E–9, CW3, CW4, CW5, O–3 and above: 400 square feet net living area: living room, bedroom, private bath, and access to kitchen
    • Grades WO1, CW2, O–1, O–2: 250 square feet net living area: sleeping/living room, private bath
    • Grades E–7 & E–8: 270 square feet net living area: private room, private bath
    • Grades E–5 & E–6: 135 square feet net living area: private room
    • Grades E–1-4: 90 square feet net living area, not more than two per room.

    SEQs and BOQs are limited. Rooms for grades E-1 to E-6 are usually available.

    For more information call DSN Phone: (314) 431-2082/2337 or commercial within Germany: 07031-15-2082/2337 or commercial outside Germany: +49 (0) 7031-15-2082/2337.


Shipping Full JFTR HHG Allowance

In accordance with USAG Stuttgart local policy, all unaccompanied Service Members (SM) in the grade of E-1 through E-6 must reside on post when adequate quarters are available.

It is therefore recommended that unaccompanied SM's do NOT ship their full JFTR HHG allowance as your personal items will not fit in barracks rooms. Servicemembers who DO elect to have full JTR allowances shipped will be required to locate Non Temporary Storage (NTS) and pay for the storage out of pocket (please note that storage facilities are extremely limited in Germany and having full JTR HHG is not adequate justification for CNA approval).

If upon arrival it is determined that adequate barracks space is not projected to be available for a servicemember within 60 days, the servicemember will be issued a Certificate of Non-Availability (CNA) to reside off post. Servicemembers may at that point contact transportation and have their full JFTR allowance shipped to them.

Hours & Contact Information

Housing Office Location: 2nd Floor, Building 2913, Panzer Kaserne, Boeblingen.

Customer Service Hours of Operation

  • Mon, Tue, Wed, & Fri, 7:30-11 a.m. & 12 p.m.-3:30 p.m.

    Off-post housing services: Walk-ins 7:30–11 a.m., Appointments 12 p.m..–3:30 p.m.

  • Thursdays 7:30-11 a.m. & 12 p.m.-3 p.m.

    Off-post housing services: Walk-ins 7:30-11 a.m. Appointments 12 p.m.–3 p.m.

    Closed on U.S. and German Holidays

Telephone Directory

  • Customer Service Desk: +49 (0)7031-15-2230 DSN: 431-2230
  • Appliances & Furnishings: +49 (0)7031-15-2458 / -2228 DSN: 431-2458 / -2228
  • On-Post Housing +49 (0)7031-15-2285 / -2420 DSN: 431-2285 / -2420
  • Off-Post Housing: +49 (0)7031-15-2318 / -3484 / -3485 DSN: 431-2318 / -3484 / -348
  • General & Flag Officer Housing: +49 (0)711-7228-6182 / -6183 DSN: 421-6182 / -6183
  • Unaccompanied Personnel Housing:+49 (0)7031-15-2082 / -2337 DSN: 431-2082 / -2337
  • Housing Facilities Management: +49 (0)7031-15-2442 DSN: 431-2442
  • Housing FAX: +49 (0)7031-15-2663 DSN: 431-2663

Email Contacts

Email links on this page will open a new, blank email in your default email program. Be sure to provide detailed information, including the best way for us to reply.

  • Email: Appliances & Furnishings: appointment requests, questions, feedback.
  • Email: On-Post Housing: appointment requests, questions, feedback.
  • Email: Off-Post Housing: appointment requests, questions, feedback.
  • Email: General & Flag Officer Housing: appointment requests, questions, feedback.
  • Email: Unaccompanied Personnel Housing: appointment requests, questions, feedback.

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